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Our role in the sector

Our role in the sector

Museums Galleries Scotland is the National Development Body for the Scottish museums sector.

We’re here to support more than 400 museums and galleries, whether it’s through strategic investment, advice, advocacy, skills development or other means.

Our role is to bring to fruition Going Further: The National Strategy for Scotland’s Museums and Galleries. It aims to unite the sector in purpose to work towards a more sustainable future. In short, our main objective is to help you to fulfil your own objectives.

Collaboration, integrity, courageousness and a passion for museums shape our approach. Working together in this vein we can invest in and develop Scotland’s museums and galleries, for current and future generations to enjoy.

Overall objectives

Museums Galleries Scotland leads the development, management and implementation of the national strategy. In doing so, we enable Scotland’s museums and galleries to deliver in line with the strategy’s aims.

Our objectives are to:

  • facilitate sector development in partnership with key stakeholders
  • undertake focused investment in the sector to make an impact and deliver change
  • raise museum standards across the sector
  • develop effective communications with the sector and advocate on its behalf
  • develop a robust evidence base for the sector and to inform our business operations and services
  • ensure that the National Development Body is an organisation fit for purpose to lead the sector

Day-to-day goals

To meet these objectives, our goals are to:

  • deliver investment and diversify funding sources
  • facilitate skills development and capacity building
  • maintain and develop standards, including via the Accreditation Scheme and Recognition Scheme
  • signpost to information, advice and resources and share best practice
  • develop networks and broker partnerships
  • conduct and commission research and share findings
  • monitor and evaluate sector data to inform continuous improvement
  • advocate for the sector to raise its profile and visibility among stakeholders and funders

Current priorities

Read about our current priorities as set out in our 2019/20 Business Plan

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Annual Report and Accounts 2019 (PDF, 4MB) Annual Report and Accounts 2018 (PDF, 11MB) Annual Report and Accounts 2017 (PDF, 10MB) Annual Report and Accounts 2016 (PDF, 1MB)